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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Too Fat To Fight

Apparently, 25% of young Americans are too obese to join the military (sounds like a good reason to get fat) and this news has made me wonder how a certain Marine recruit came to be drafted.

I suppose that's the point, though, when there's a draft, anyone will do, no matter how unfit, in both senses of the word.


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww.:( poor Leonard.

judith said...

If it's war any young man will do.

JoJo said...

For Vietnam they took anyone. Poor Pyle. :(

The portion sizes of food over here are out of control. And the junk food. Oh man, Val have you heard about KFC's new "Double Down" sandwich? It's everything that's wrong with America. Gluttony at it's most disgusting. KFC actually has the audacity to donate proceeds from buckets of their carcinogenic hydroponic chicken to breast cancer research.

SnarkAngel said...

Chicago is now one of the fattest cities in the U.S. Can't say I'm surprised. I do love "Pyle's" tummy, though! Thanks for the peek, Val!

Music Wench said...

Back during the Vietnam war, I don't think they were being as picky.

bobbybegood1 said...

President Kennedy enacted a physical education bill that is now damn near obsolete in many schools here in American from K-12. That bill stated that in order to graduate high school, a student had to pass physical education. Within the last 20 years or so, schools have gotten rid of that part of a students curriculum. No more gym. No more recess. The only thing the incompetenent school administrators are interested in is TEST, TEST, TEST. While the children and adolescents get FAT, FAT, FAT.

I don't even think the administrators are educators. It's disgusting they way we - as adults - who are suppose to live by example, and not by precept, are failing our children - in every aspect. Families living under the poverty level don't have the means to feed their children adequate, wholesome, nutritional food. Parents who can't afford healthy drinks like fresh carrot juice, are raising their children on powered friut drinks, soda, Kool-aid.

Govorner Patterson, the Govorner of New York, has proposed a tax on these cheap, non-nutritional drinks. But, parents are against it. They feel the result of these hirer taxes will put more of a strain on the family budget. Personally, I prefer water than those drinks that offer no nutritional value whatsoever. And if you suggest to parents that they offer their children better alternatives, hell, they get downright mad/indignant at you for even suggesting such a thing. "How dear you tell me how to raise my child" they cry. You can't legislate good parenting skills. Cheers Val!!

potzina said...

FMJ is the first Vincent's film i watched! I was 11 or 12 and i fell in love with Pyle ( and Vincent at the same time! ). Pyle is upsetting...I'd like to hug him! Thank you for these beautiful pics!

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