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Friday, May 07, 2010

Really Wild?

It was a few weeks since I'd managed to get to the zoo, so today I decided that, if it wasn't actually raining, I'd go along.

In the rainforest exhibit, one of the keepers
was hand-feeding the male sloth.

Considering those claws, he was amazingly dextrous.

What safer place could a duck choose
to raise her young than an enclosure in a zoological garden
in the middle of a royal park?
No foxes or other native predators...

...just a very interested male lion cub.
Yes, she's raising her babies in the lions' enclosure!
And a couple of weeks ago, a lion cub caught and killed a duck on the pond.


Anonymous said...

Those ducks are the cutest...and, I like the big male lion in the background of the last picture laying like a summer squash in a field, LOL.

Eliza said...

Maybe the duck is paying protection to the lions..otherwise she's maybe a tiny bit silly (or she knows something we don't) :-)

Anonymous said...

We had a problem with a mink last year, at the Animal Farm, where I live. A mink had made it's home in the duck pond. You could literally watch the ducks being pulled under water and dragged to the minks den.
They did eventually catch the critter. And now this year something is distroying all the geese nests. They can't be reached by human. All the eggs are being taken, not nearly as many goslings running around as normal.

JoJo said...

Sloths are kind of cute in an alien kind of way actually. LOVE the duckies!!!!

SnarkAngel said...

Hungry lions ... oh my!

potzina said...

This is called the food chain, isn't it? Yuck! I'm vegetarian...

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