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Monday, May 24, 2010

Something and Nothing

The "Something" is this mouthwash:

It was cleverly spotted by Ruby:

Then there is the "Nothing".

That's my progress on putting together the potting bench. The woman at the manufacturer's was so smart as to leave a message in the middle of the day, and be gone by 3.30 when I caught it and phoned back. (This is an 8.30am - 5.00pm helpline???)

I visited two different hardware shops to get some nails, but ended up with the wrong ones twice, 'cos they didn't have the right ones in the right size, so I thought I'd try just anything.

Might as well have tried..."Nothing".

There are lots of words beginning with "F" but I can only think of one right now.


Anonymous said...

How about trying some of that 'No more nails' glue stuff? Allegedly it can fix a man to the side of a building and he'll never fall off ;0)

judith said...

I know which 'F' word you are talking about! I believe instructions today are not meant to be understood.

Ruby said...

Hmmm. We can fix a man to the side of a building?? Can we pick the man?? Guess who I choose???

JoJo said...

Gorilla glue works really well too. Just don't use too much b/c it expands into a foam like substance as it dries. But it sure does keep things stuck together.

Eliza said...

Everyone is full of helpful advice, so this is mine...shove it all back into the box (or into a hidden corner if it won;t go back in the box)and leave it for a week or two. Lets the frustration level go right back down again that way :-)

SnarkAngel said...

Sorry you're still having problems with this thing, Val. If only Vincent could come by and "lend a hand." Okay, I'm off to gargle with my new mouthwash. Hee.

JoJo said...

Forget what I said, go with Eliza's advice! lol

val said...

Not sure what gorilla glue is, JoJo - it may be No More Nails in US ENglish!

jazzy said...

There's a very special mouthwash I would love to try! Needless to say it would cum directly from Bobby.

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