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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pass me that sledgehammer

Things might have been better today if they had not been worse.

First, I woke before 4am, having only got to bed at 1.30 (I'd had a doze on the sofa, and couldn't get my act together) and being unable to get to sleep, was up again before 6.30. ON A SUNDAY!

I went back to the garden centre to retrieve my lost property, but that was the only thing that went to plan. I needed something at the chemist, but no pharmacy that sold what I needed was open today. Then my aim to buy a couple of plastice storage boxes from a place that you can park near in theory on a Sunday was stymied by the fact that the only possible bay held a police vehicle and the car the officer had stopped.

So back home to the potting bench. Ha! The holes required drilling through. The third one broke the only drill bit of the correct size. The marks for the holes to secure the legs were only on the part you have to attach the legs to which means they are invisible when the legs are in place and anyway the only possible drill bit is now too short to go all the way through the wood.

I left an angry message on their helpline (conveniently shut on the day most people will need it) and made up my mind to do what they have with the parts they have attached at the factory.. I will get some nails and hammer the bastard thing into submission.


JoJo said...

I have come to loathe the assembly of furniture and/or storage items. It's ALWAYS something, either the wrong size hardware or not enough of it... The instructions are cumbersome, unless of course you buy from Ikea and have to assemble your item by looking at the catalog picture of what it's supposed to look like, & then wing it.

All this hassle on behalf of the hens. I guess it's true that no good deed goes unpunished! lol ;P

fuzzytweetie said...

You go, girl!


potzina said...

I'm sorry for you, Val! Good luck :o)

Eliza said...

A hammer is an essential piece of equipment for anything that requires my opinion anyway :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sorry Val. I can't help but laugh at your misfortune. When it rains it pours, and you've been caught in a hurricane. I hope you got yourself a good stiff drink. Or at least a good stiff something! :D

Tess said...

I had to assemble a fan today...It looked easy, it's still in pieces. Good Luck Val!

SnarkAngel said...

Tomorrow ... is another day!

Anonymous said...

I LOATHE the fact that almost nothing comes 'ready assembled' these days. I scanned a copy of the 'putting together' instructions for my computer desk to Tess, who was amazed that I could actually read hieroglyphics....

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