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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So far so crap

I just spent hours setting up my new vinyl-to-MP3 machine, put on a record and VOOM! All that happens is the styus skates over the LP surface.

When I've calmed down enough not to shove it down the loo, I'll have a closer look and another go. In a few days. Maybe. If I have no luck, back it will go.

I seem to remember we used to tape coins on to the back of record player arms that were too light, and slipped. Maybe modern technology has made designers forget the practicalities of the older fashioned stuff.


Axe said...

Oh so true, hon!
I still believe in old fashioned ways, cause they just work so much better.
I have a gazillion vinyls that I have not gotten to convert, cause I don't have a vinyl player anymore, so I feel your frustration.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the 'good' old days! I have a lovely box set of (American) vinyl, that's the thinnest vinyl I've ever seen. Each album therefore was, and remains, remarkably 'bendy' and used to play on the stereo as if it was riding out a severe storm at sea.....

Good luck with the technology, although I gather whoever decides these things has decreed Vinyl is the new 'CD' and has better sound quality. Go figure!!!

JoJo said...

I am sorry, but I am old school and I think that vinyl wraps circles around CDs. Over and above the killer album art, lyrics and other goodies often tucked inside a record album, the sound is better. I don't care for the 'remastered' CD versions of my fave albums at all. A lot of them fade out faster at the end of a song, whereas on the albums, the songs are a little longer. I still have my turntable from the mid-80's.

I did get an old fashioned radio looking thing that supposedly converts vinyl to CD. We tried to do it once, we read the directions and tried it, but it didn't seem to work right & didn't record onto the CD.

Eliza said...

I hope you manage to work it out..I still think if you can make it work it'll be good :-)

Denise said...

I remember putting a nickel on the arm of my old "record player". It's really funny the things we remember.

SnarkAngel said...

Like Jojo, I still love my old vinyl and have a turntable with my sound system to play them. Wouldn't have it any other way.

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