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Monday, December 14, 2009

Notes and Queries

I've discovered a store that sells a machine that will convert PAL and NTSC videos to DVDs, though it will have to wait till after Christmas. I just went to Maplins to get an item advertised as reduced to half price (just £49.99) - a turntable that will digitise my vinyl records. It would even do 78s if I had any (I wish).

I had some near-misses with buying DVDs. Miami Vice was for sale very cheap in one shop, with each season sold separately, but no indication of which one The Afternoon Plane is on. In another shop, a box set of seasons 1 & 2 showed that it wasn't in either of those. Any ideas, anyone?

I did find the complete Boston Legal, however, and though it was expensive, I couldn't resist. It was, after all, one of the finest TV shows of all time, in my opinion.


BASRIC said...

My husband already bought bought the machines and they are wonderful. Especially the one that turns my VHS tapes to DVD. My next purchase wish a a machine that will scan photos into your computer and on old one help to digitally repair them.

Season 3 is the one you want.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for someone to invent some kind of device that will let me put all my compilation cassette tapes (literally dozens of them!) onto CD.....

judith said...

Like basric says season 3 episode 17.x

Eliza said...

Please let us know how you get on? J has a large collection of vinyl that I would like to put onto the pc, and anything that converts NTSC tapes to dvd has to be a good thing :-)

Di: I think maybe Maplins do something like that already..I'm sure I've seen it in one of those catalogues you get occasionally

JoJo said...

Look up Miami Vice on IMDB...or rather Vincent's appearance and then you will be able to deduce which season his episode was in.

Tell me more about this machine that will convert your vinyl to CDs!!!

And I echo Diane's sentiment about compilation tapes (which I still call them although the popular term is 'mix tape'). Sounds like we kick it old school, eh Diane?

jazzy said...

Yep, S 3, Epi 17

I have a Vinyl to DVD machine (don't know the English name for this thing) but I still prefer records. At least for the "old stuff".

jazzy said...

Diane, there is already such a machine. I let you know the English name for it as soon as I found it out. In case you want to buy one.

Anonymous said...

What kind of 78's are you looking for? I have a pile of them you're welcome to have...I have no use for them.

Anonymous said...

They'll always be 'compilation tapes' to me Jojo, and yes, I'm VERY old ;0) Thanks for the info ladies, I can see I have some 'work' to do after Christmas (and Season 4 recapping of course!)

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