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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well, I don't know about the rest of the south east, but in this part of London, the promised (threatened?) snow didn't arrive, but it has been piggin' cold. Wednesday night's snow did not completely melt, and so has refrozen on pavements, making them treacherous. Who knows what comes next.

Yesterday afternoon I had a little operation at my doctor's, the removal of what appears to be (and I hope I've got this right) a seborrhic cyst. I don't think he sewed me up so much as darned me afterwards.

He'd decided to put on an extra surgery day to catch up on a backlog. No one gave any thought to the post-surgery practicalities like GETTING MY STITCHES REMOVED.

They should come out next Friday. Which is, of course, Christmas Day. The following Monday is also a holiday, and the nurse appears not to have a clinic till Wednesday 30th, a whole 5 days late. Meanwhile, I am not supposed to get the wound, which is in a part of my back that I can't reach, and is directly under the back of my bra, wet. This means NO SHOWERS OR HAIRWASHES FOR 12 DAYS.

As if.

I managed to have a contortionist-style shower this morning, keeping my back dry, and with a duck and a crouch I even got my hair washed. And I actually kept my back, and the bathroom floor, dry!

It wasn't easy, but at least I'm clean, for now, until I manage to slip and break something. Hopefully not one of my bones.


Anonymous said...

It was a bracing -5 degrees as I drove to work at 8.30am this morning. Thanks to the cold, we've retained the 6 flakes of snow we had on Thursday :0)

Maybe some of those handy wet-wipes things would help with the personal hygiene - and save you having to tie yourself in knots in the shower?

Eliza said...

Good luck with getting the stitches removed..I have those cysts on my head and when I had one removed the nurse who took the stitches out left one behind.I took it out myself in the end :-)

We hardly saw a flake of snow, but it has been cold enough to freeze the proverbial balls of a brass monkey.

fuzzytweetie said...

No offense, but, the mental image I had of your shower was hilarious!

I had back surgery in '91 and I know what it means to take a shower and not get wet.

Is that -5 C or F?

SnarkAngel said...

Good luck with the stitches, my dear!

val said...

OMG, imagine -5F!! It's Celsius, Fuzzy.

jazzy said...

-8°C here brrrrrr and it's snowing. Why can't we live in Spain??
Get well soon, Val - sending you lots of hugs!

potzina said...

Good luck with the stitches...It' not fun... :(

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