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Saturday, November 21, 2009


The one favour Nicole ever really did the world was wipe out Bernard.


judith said...

FAB,FAB PICS. and wonderful to be able to save. THANKS for sharing.x

jazzy said...

Nicole was a busy girl, indeed.
Cap #2 is amazing! It would be so easy to grab him by the coat collar and take him to the next quiet place.

SnarkAngel said...

Cap #2 turns my knees to jelly. The rest of the caps turn everything else to jelly. LOL

JoJo said...

Yeah, ol' heart in a box sure is ruthless, that's for sure.

Eliza said...

A definite LOL moment when Bobby asked Bernard about his eyebrows..slimy little toad deserved everything he got

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many years we'll have to wait for the official DVD release of Season 5 (6,7,8.....)

ann said...

eye eye ... wow that one is different ... i quite like an eyeful :>)

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