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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to the land of the living

I have a new Sky+ box, so I am ready for Lady's Man on Thursday.

Unfortunately Family Values is gone and I missed it. Endgame was last nigh on Hallmark. My Channel 5 copies of Season 6 are gone. And tonight is a Logan/Wheeler episode.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations and commiserations. If it makes you feel any better, I totally screwed up my S6 recordings from Channel 5. I may have already had them twice over by then, but that didn't make me any happier about it!

val said...

It doesn't make me feel better, Diane, it might even make me feel worse, 'cos it means I can't ponce them off you!

SnarkAngel said...

Good luck with your new Sky+ box. Hope it works out better than the last one!

Eliza said...

I'm glad you got Sky back, although I'm sad you lost your recordings :-(

Bear in mind that 5 will probably repeat them sometime..I hope anyway, then you can redo them

Tess said...

Glad to hear everything is up and running again Val..

Anonymous said...

I have S6 & 7 - and will have 8 from Hallmark - if you need them. I just like the fact that C5 show them in widescreen, so if they start repeating S6, I'll try again! Must admit I was REALLY upset that I messed things up. I also'messed' one S8 episode because I was trying to blog upstairs while trying to watch downstairs, and I didn't make it back in time from a couple of commercial breaks....Life is shit sometimes ;0)

ann said...

erm... I don't think my sky+ box has as much capacity as the newer models and I actually only keep a couple of epis on there - i mean thanks to our darling eliza i have them all on dvd and i can only watch one at a time - still glad u'r back up and running

JoJo said...

Well GET CRACKIN Val! You have a lot of time/shows to make up! lol

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