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Friday, November 20, 2009

Siren Call

Absolutely stunning.


Anonymous said...

I miss him already!

Anonymous said...

The smile you captured on Vincent the 8th cap down is absolutely precious. And, next to the blue shirt the white shirt is a close second as making him look gorgeous. Beautiful caps, thank you for sharing!

JoJo said...

Gorgeous!! What a great way to start the weekend!

SnarkAngel said...

So very MANY caps of Bobby ... but who can blame you? He was exceptionally f*%#able in this eppy! LOL. Now call an ambulance for me ... I need a siren call ... caps 3, 9, 10, and 19 have given me palpitations!!!

jazzy said...

It was strange somehow to see Brooke Shields after 25 years. Vincent in a remake of The Blue Lagoon would make me happy.

Great caps, Val!

Eliza said...

Impossible to pick a favourite today..again :-)

The pale neck glimpsed through the open-neck shirt..mmmm

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