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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I didn't know!

Since I bought my new widescreen TV earlier in the year, I've been tweaking the screen-size controls. If you use the widescreen setting on a channel or programme that is being broadcast in the ordinary screen size, you get a squashed look. I never thought to check if the Sky+ box had screen size settings. I still haven't.

Well, whatever the charming young man who fitted my new box yesterday did to the settings, it pings itself into the appropriate screen size when you change channels. I was amazed to discover that Channel 5, which shows LOCI a year after Hallmark, is actually broadcasting in widescreen, and I didn't have to do anything to get it right. (If I'd seen your comment about Channel 5 showing them in widescreen yesterday, Diane, I wouldn't have had a clue what you were talking about.)

So something good has come from my mini-disaster.


Anonymous said...

When I bought an HD-Ready 19" LCD TV for the kitchen last year (chosen very carefully for it's built-in REGION-FREE DVD player - oh yes!), I had a hell of time setting the picture up properly, until I discovered there was a setting where the TV would do the 'sizing' thing automatically. However, even now, if you stray from the Digital channels to Analog, the analog picture looks decidedly 'squished'. Now, if only Hallmark would follow C5's lead and do the 'widescreen' thing for LOCI... OK, I confess, mostly, have no idea what I just said ;0)

ann said...

i think my tv does it automatically 'cos everything looks good to me - now where did i put my glasses??????

SnarkAngel said...

Thank goodness! A silver lining!

Eliza said...

I think both the freeview boxes so it automatically here..but I wouldn't swear to it :-)

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