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Monday, November 16, 2009

Off to be Equalized

Edward Woodward has died, aged 79.

He became a household name in the UK with his series Callan, then later he found international fame in The Equalizer, in which of course he appeared with our dear Vincent. He came to a hot and sticky end in The Wicker Man. In about 1970 I was lucky enough to see him at the National Theatre when it was at the Old Vic, playing Flamineo in John Webster's Jacobean revenge tragedy The White Devil.

He was married to Michele Dotrice (daughter of Roy, who played Zeus in the TV series of Hercules). Michele played Betty opposite Michael Crawford's Frank Spencer in Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em, a cult slapstick comedy show.

The Equalizer - Counterfire

The Equalizer - Suspicion of Innocence


Anonymous said...

RIP Mr Woodward, a fine actor, and by all accounts, a nice man. 'Callan' was my favourite TV show at one point in my life.

judith said...

I know I may be shot down in flames but the part Vincent played in'Suspicion of Innocence' always reminds me of Frank Spencer in 'Some Mother's do have 'Em'.x

val said...

Don't worry, Judith, we won't tell anyone.

judith said...

Thankyou darling.x

SnarkAngel said...

Loved Edward Woodward. Such a talent. Didn't even see "The Wicker Man" until a couple of years ago when a fellow D'Onofriac brought it over to watch one evening (on video). He will be very, very missed.

Eliza said...

A very fine actor who will be missed by many, I feel :-(

I've never been able to bring myself to watch The Whicker Man, so I have to base my opinions of him on the tv shows I've seen. He was always believable, IMHO, even with some of the more ludicrous Equaliser episodes..and I quite enjoyed him in Eastenders too ( don't tell anyone I occasionally watch it)

JoJo said...

Brian LOVED that show, the Equalizer, although he doesn't specifically remember the episode that Vincent was in. RIP Edward.

ann said...

sad - he was a true gentleman

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