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Thursday, September 03, 2009


I didn't get very far down my album before I had 10 unmissable pictures. The first couple are out of sequence, because somehow my album got misnumbered, but hey, who cares.



Eliza said...

On a very shallow note..thank you for the bottom picture :-D

I do like this episode, although when Bobby is poking about in the 'boils' I have to look away..makes me feel ill

jazzy said...

What a promiscuous and shallow person that Santa Claus is ... tssss!

Anonymous said...

Bucket keeps trying to re-arrange numerically-ordered (remember: I'm 'orderly'!) pictures too. Sometimes, I'm cursing and swearing because it will insist anything from no 70-79 should be uploaded and placed AFTER anything in the 100s. I guess things have changed since I did maths at school!

Wonderful pictures, I'm strangely drawn to the bottom one too ;0)

fuzzytweetie said...

Santa? Where?

Raising my hand really, really high....I'm shallow!! 2 groin shots, WOW! Is Bobby showing us the size of his balls or my boobs??? LOL ;)

JoJo said...



Tess said...

I'm drawn to picture #3-4!!

SnarkAngel said...

They're all stellar, as usual. But I love how you saved the best for last. Hee.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh yeah, baby! That last one ... the pants python as you say...LOL! I remember when I posted that on my blog, hahahaha!

Anyway, he was thinking of me in that photo. Uh huh.

I too love this episode but like Eliza have to look away with the boils scene ... shiver. And not a shiver in the good way.

I'm going back to look at that last photo.


Laura said...

I'm in love with........with Vincent: EVER!!!!....... and with the photos #2, #9 and #10...Fabulous!!!

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