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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Climate Camp 2

I went up to Blackheath today to have a mooch around the Climate Camp. After all, I've been suffering the police helicopters circling round in case they could spot something to use as an excuse to cause trouble, so I might as well experience some of the good stuff, too.

This is the camp as I walked across the heath from the direction of the village (yes, London has a lot of villages swallowed up within it, and most still bear the name). It doesn't look all that big, but an aerial photo would reveal that it's quite extensive.

There are large tents and marquees with lots of meetings and workshops going on in them. Topics include economics, heatwaves and health, legal help, and the forthcoming Copenhagen climate change talks. There is a cinema and a media tent both powered by solar panels, and a wind turbine and wood fires (including some in ovens made of big old tin cans) for other energy needs, such as cooking the vegan food on offer. There are composting toilets, separate ones for pees and poos, and the men's urinal is a circle of hay into which men were happily weeing. It smelt like Paris used to, when it had pissoirs in the middle of the street.

The camp is divided into areas for different parts of the country, and there are hundreds of small tents that campers have pitched to sleep in.

Hope that rain keeps off!
I particularly liked this sign pinned to the barriers around the camp. I can just hear the comments it was put up to forestall.

The entrance is guarded by volunteers 24 hours a day to protect the camp from anyone who might want to cause trouble, but access is free and welcoming. The media are absent, but there is a raised platform waiting to take them up if anything kicks off (sad that they can't just film the peaceful stuff) and there is a police presence nearby. As I returned home on a route which took me alongside the Territorial Army Centre, the woodentops and their vans were trying to hide themselves inside the walls.
No doubt they'll find some reason to create mayhem, even though they've been sworn to good behaviour after their lethal antics at the G20 talks.
Cynical? Moi? Heaven forbid.


Eliza said...

I hope they manage to escape trouble this weekend..they deserve to have a peaceful time, seeing as it's a peaceful camp :-)

I like the sign too, although the bike beneath it is one of those reclining ones that look very scarey to ride

JanetOOO said...


About the G20..... It's coming to
Pittsburgh in about 3 weeks.
I am wondering if I should just take
a 4 day weekend and leave the
city or delve into my VDO dvds
and hide the house? I value your
opinion and recent experience.

So far it sounds like it is going
to be one big royal pain in the

ann said...

thanks for sharing all this val

SnarkAngel said...

Hope this event remains peaceful and no one starts any trouble.

val said...

Janet, if you have the strength and energy, go and join the demonstrators!

If our voice doesn't get heard, they will just go on shitting on the world from ever greater heights.

JanetOOO said...

Thank you Val. I may look into it, but so
far the city is approving permits to the
demonstrators for areas where they will
have a hard time being seen let alone heard
by the attendants. Then there is the almost
unbelievable number of extra manpower
for "security" that they are bringing in.
It looks like it is going to be an interesting
couple of days.

JoJo said...

Wow that's really interesting! I hadn't heard about this Climate Camp at all. Thanks for sharing the info!

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