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Friday, November 21, 2008

Death Roe

Another first. Those pouty, collagen-filled fish lips on that Beatrice woman make me heave, so I've not gone out of my way to cap it.

Bobby, of course, is divine. Or D'Evine.

Too late for CPR, Bobby. And a kiss is out of the question.

There's something very masculine about this profile shot.
Maybe the fact of who it's of?

Eames is such a spoilsport. Bobby really wanted to try that grappa.

It's that lucky chair again.

"You Vixens are so shallow."

That window was just made to highlight Bobby's lashes.

Classic Bobby pose. Love him.

More fun. That Bobby's such a naughty boy.
Come and be naughty with me, sweetheart.

Ooh, shout at me!

Then look at me with that caring concern.
Or with lust...


Music Wench said...

Creepy episode but always love Bobby!

SnarkAngel said...

This really was a creepy episode, which must explain why it is one of my favorites! LOL.

Eliza said...

One of my favourites too...but I put that down to watching Bobby having a bit of fun rather than the real storyline :-)

The girl who played Beatrice is in The Narrows too as the sons girlfriend I think...wonder if her lips have gone down :-p

Anonymous said...

I can actually understand anyone making 'Googly Eyes' at him even if it was the rather creepy Beatrice in this episode.

Lozzie Cap said...

Did I completely imagine this, or were Vincent's parents restauranteurs at one time? I know he said he used to work as a bus boy in a Manhattan restaurant but I figured that was when he was a bit older and living with EDO in New York.

~clueless~ :-D

Gorgeous caps, though. WHAT is Eames looking at in the Lucky Chair shot? Ha! As if I didn't know!

BASRIC said...

Lovely delicious pictures of Bobby.

Sad but unfortunately true to life father/daughter story-line.

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