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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can I Please Stress

How wonderful Mr D'Onofrio is?

I'm posting from work because I have a meeting tonight and may not get a chance to log on at home.

"What do you mean, Val's not online tonight? Has she deserted me?"

"She'll come running back when she sees this yummy profile."

Object lesson in how to fill a doorway.

"I know I look adorable like this."

Oh no! Bobby's down on one knee! Do you think Alex has accepted?

"This is my master plan to lure Val back to the bolg."

"Please, I beg you, I've even come down to below your level."

Bobby trying unsuccessfully not to look scared.
Vincent trying successfully to look like Bobby trying unsuccessfully not to look scared.


Music Wench said...

Thanks for thinking of us and putting photos up. We'll be more than happy to keep Bobby company while you're out! ;-)

Besides, he should know by now how addictive he is. We can't stay away for long!

fuzzytweetie said...

We'll keep Bobby warm for you!

SnarkAngel said...

It's very cold here in Chicago, but I am sure I can think of at least 101 positions ... uh ... er ... WAYS ... to keep Bobby's fire raging like an erupting, spewing volcano. Heh-heh.

Anonymous said...

I love a woman who has her priorities 'right'(Vincent first, last and always!)

fuzzytweetie said...

snark......Vincent= Volcano of Love?!

jazzy said...

can i take some of those object lessons please?

JoJo said...

Ever since the USA channel changed all their programming, I haven't seen LOCI in WEEKS...probably months! Thank you for my daily dose of Vincent. lol

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know I appreciate your blog.

Eliza said...

I love how blogging comes high on your priorities list..just as it should be :-)

I know you would never desert Bobby but if ever you need a rest at least you know he'll be well taken care of LOL

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