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Friday, August 15, 2008

We Are The Faithful

Doing his own very unusual thing to an unsuspecting extra

More wall-slamming

Early Python sighting

Back-of-the-chair lean

Looking at the heavens

The shoulders

The hands

The face

The profile


SnarkAngel said...

The "back-of-the-chair lean" also shows off one of those delicious triceps! Yummmmmmm!

JoJo said...

Sweet. Thank you for such a lovely send off. I will keep these heavenly visions in my head. I am not a calm flier, so anything to keep my mind occupied is appreciated!

jazzy said...

faithful means "non-stop drooling"

Music Wench said...

Yes, we are the faithful. And this was the episode that made me start to fall in love with Goren. :)

Tess said...

Why...Doesn't Kate put her hand on his shoulder? I would :)

Anonymous said...

Having hopefully unburdened himself from the BTSOH, next we should work on getting him OUT of his jacket..

silly for Vincent said...

Ther no one like Bobby!!WOHOOO!!Love him so much for that!!
Slam against the wall Bobby!!
I just will "jump his bones",when he is leaning in that chair!!;)))

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