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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Pretending to know nothing about art.

"That" look.

The stance.

Thinking about art.

Disbelieving look.

The eyebrow raise.

So here we are, already up above the 2 - or the 4 - I'd allowed myself!
I'm posting very late tonight. I went down to Southampton today to visit one of my cousins. Usually I manage a little paddle in the sea when I'm down there, but as it was raining hard most of the day, and when we went to the coast the wind nearly took the door off their BMW, I gave it a miss.


jazzy said...

glad to hear you support germany's auto industry, lol.

i do like that episode a lot; it was a classical one. bobby was looking as sexy as possible and he got wonderful lines.
"Welcome to the human race".
thx for posting great caps, val

fenwayspal said...

pic #2

i want him to look at me that way.
and later, when he spoke german...he could speak pig-latin or klingon...and i'd be his captive audience!!!

jazzy said...

ouch! i thought he spoke klingon, no?!? (cute though)

Claire said...

Good decisions on the caps!

Tess said...

He's standing with his legs apart....I'm Happy ;)

Kimberly said...

"The Stance"...THUD!!!

BASRIC said...

Gorgeous as usual. Those lips those eyes all you needed was a back shot and my fantasies are met.

Eliza said...

As Kimberly put it so elegantly already I'll content myself with thinking about the 'Stance' picture instead of thinking of something to say :-D

Music Wench said...

Lovely episode. Love the BTSOH and of course, all of Bobby. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it when he plants his feet - I just wish it was on either side of my legs....Er....I know what I mean!

SnarkAngel said...

WOW! You do have an incredible talent for capturing the "best of the best!" Good work! These are MOST scrumptious!

silly for Vincent said...

Bobby is the best work of art!!
Those looks he sends always melt my poor hart,and I can't think!!And that sexyyyy eyebrow lift...THAMMM!!!!
Bobby speaking other laungages simply turn me on so much!!

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