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Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Eagle Heights

I've posted before about this bird of prey centre in Kent, which is 12 years old tomorrow. They are increasing their range of animals all the time. As well as the birds and reptiles they have always had, they have porcupines, coatimundi, meerkats, huskies, camels and, of course, the cheetahs.

The female is not friendly, but the male was hand-reared and is a complete softie. Yet health and safety regulations say that they cannot let him off the lead, and he cannot be touched by members of the public.

But his interactions with the staff make his sweet nature clear. They put their microphone next to him so you could hear his loud purr.

As for being the fastest thing on four legs - it was as much as he could be bothered to do to go more than two steps at a time. Till they showed him the food he had to chase...


BASRIC said...

Very interesting. I love going to our local Zoo. Especially for the big cats. Glad youhad a goodtime.

Claire said...

What beautiful cats! You know I always enjoy your animal posts.

Tess said...

The cheetah is SO beautiful. I would love to hear one purr!

SnarkAngel said...

Thanks for posting this, Val! Can we get a harness like the one the handler was wearing ... I'm thinking Vincent would look fabulous in it ... LOL.

Eliza said...

It seems a strange thing to say but the cheetah looked really sweet,just like a big domestic moggy!! Thank you for sharing another of your trips :-)

jazzy said...

don't worry i don't say anything about pussies and vincent.

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