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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Shirtsleeves, shoulders, forearm, knee.

Upright thumb.

The back in the leather jacket.

Slamming against the wall.


The neck in the BTSOH.

The tongue.

The "moue".



J-Bo & L-Bo said...

Hi Val,
Laura from John and Laura's blog, actually they didn't ask my permission to post anything. I found out that it happened from comments like yours and my traffic list on the right side of my page. I won't say it bothers me that they did what they did but it would have been nice to get a heads up especially since they quoted me directly.

Thanks for the information.


fenwayspal said...

all wonderful pix, but what is a moue? ah hell, who cares what it means; if bobby wants to make that face at me i wouldn't care if moue meant axe murderer!!

Tess said...

I'd like my hand ON his groin please :) (The more I think about, I'd like more than my hand there!)

Bobby should wear leather more often!

alissa said...

Isn't he just the most delicious and delectable man in the world.He is so hot and sexy,then and even more so now.

SnarkAngel said...

He can put that moue on any time! Makes me wanna jump him and never let go!!!

Anonymous said...

'Hand on groin' Hold that thought....or preferably, hold that groin ;0)

BASRIC said...

A back shot, sigh, tongue, hands neck groin another sigh, what me could you want ...except all these shots with him sans clothing.

Made my heart pitter patter in lust.


Eliza said...

I have to say I LOVE your pic choices,even if you are limiting seem to know just which ones to pick to make me happy LOL

Useless trivia: The girl in the 'tongue' pic is 'Sister Olivia'(?) in S% 'Acts Of Contrition' didn't need to know that but I only figured it out last week and I was dying to tell someone :-D

Anonymous said...

Bobby's Girl here, I'm with you Tess, I'd like my hand and a lot of other parts of me in his groin! Umm Ummmm!

Drowsey Monkey said...

The moue? What's that? Must be Brit lingo, lol

Like that hand/groin shot...damn.

Claire said...

Yeah, what the heck is a moue?
No matter, the picture choices are superb!

jazzy said...

glad i am not the only one who needs a "moue description" :)

oooh i wish i was part of his plots!

silly for Vincent said...


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