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Monday, April 02, 2007

Busy Day

It's been one of those days that makes you want to scream, even though it's been warm (60+) and sunny.

First off, I overslept. I wanted to zoom off to the supermarket to do a big shop before my dental appointment, and found I was cutting it very fine. But I made it, finished shopping in record time, and started the drive home. TRAFFIC JAM ON THE FEED ROAD TO THE BLACKWALL TUNNEL APPROACH! I was going left, but every lane was choc-a-bloc. 15 minutes delay.

Phew, made it home, unloaded, unpacked, stuffed things in the fridge, started out for the dentist's at full pelt. Splat! I knew I was going, and put out my hands - can't afford to land on any part of me that might break the new hip. Kind lady in car stopped and offered me a seat to recover, but I had to get to my appointment. No doubt I'll pay for it tomorrow.

Made it. The dentist diagnosed an abcess on the root of the tooth I just had crowned by someone else. That'll teach me. He started the treatment that will end in a root filling, and involves him drilling a hole in the new crown, and a course of penicillin.

Took the prescription in to the pharmacy, rather than wait, trundled off to the optician's to get my varifocals' focus adjusted. No luck, optician needs to send them off so I had to finish off my outing half blind.

Roll on tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

What a day. I too am undergoing dental treatment and it is spoiling my life. Even walking into the surgery makes my legs shaky. But needs must. About a month ago I got a pair of varifocals and I'm finding them difficult to get used to. I do hope you have a better day tomorrow.

JoJo said...

Damn! You must've been running around like crazy!! I kept hearing "Keystone Cops" music in my head, imagining you tearing around town. Sorry that you fell though; I hope you aren't hurting tomorrow.

Nezumi said...

You had a real bad day, Val. Something about Murphys law? I hope your tooth is feeling better soon. Tomorrow will be better! :o)

Eliza said...

Sounds like the day from Hell :-(

I prescribe a night with Vincent to make you feel better!!

Seriously,hope you feel better tomorrow,and that you aren't too sore

Eliza xxxxx

Anonymous said...


geez, Val, what a horrendous ordeal. i hope you're gonna recover quickly with that tooth.

Claire said...

Hang in there, lady! Bobby is on the way to make you feel better...

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