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Sunday, April 14, 2013

How much???!!

The loathsome author of the privatisation of all our publicly owned utilities; she who sold off all our assets, such as North Sea oil and gas and gave away our heritage and inheritance so that private individuals could profit from the ordinary people; she who destroyed British manufacturing industry and gave power to the finance industry (we all know where that led); she who has a rich family, including a gun-running son who has somehow obtained a knighthood, and ultra-wealthy friends; in these days of austerity where many have to resort to food banks and support for the disabled is being slashed; her funeral is to cost £10,000,000.

Her family may chip in. But why those she impoverished should have to pay for her obsequies, while those she enriched just get to go along and enjoy what the plebs pay for, I fail to understand.

All in this together, Mr Cameron? Yes, all bearing the expense of the witch's last rites. But the rich continue to bear nothing at all except the agonies of having to watch the protests of the anti-Thatcherites being squashed by a police force that, being itself hacked to pieces by the government, should be facilitating these protests, not putting them down.

Meanwhile, a campaign to get this number to the top of the charts has been successful, but "out of respect" for the person who never earned any respect in her lifetime, and deserves none in death, the radio chart programmes have been urged not to play it.


JoJo said...

That's really messed up. I can't believe they are going to spend that kind of coin on a funeral from someone who is very unpopular.

Sandy said...

Sorry, but I did not realize that Thatcher was not so well-liked. That much money spent for anybody is crazy. I must say that I guess Misery loves company, because I actually am kind of relieved to see other countries are unhappy with their government too. I get so tired of the USA's problems.

Eliza said...

I don't think we will ever recover from all that she did..and I plan on watching tomorrow, just to be sure it's true that she's gone! I would have bought the single too, but J had his job at the council 'disappeared' in the last round of spending cuts and it was an expense too far...

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