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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Question...

...for the US Senators who think their loyalty should be to the gun lobby rather than their constituents.

As a mere UK citizen, I watch a lot of US cop shows, and when a school is featured, there always seem to be security guards employed there.

We don't have that over here. So tell me, please, how do you work it out that YOU are the guardians of freedom in this world, when even your kids need protecting from the guns you love by such a huge curtailment of their freedom in what should be the safest place for them?

We had a school gun massacre once, nearly as bad as Newtown. Just once. We immediately restricted gun ownership even further, and made sure all target weapons were locked up in gun clubs. There were few complaints, and none of our elected representatives was against the changes. No one lost a freedom that was truly valued.

You people are the dregs of the world. Protect ALL your citizens, not just those who make guns or those who love to shoot. You aren't living in the wild west any more. Reject the bribery of the gun manufacturers and be men (I guess most of you are male) by standing up for what's right.


JoJo said...

It was a surprise that some Democrats voted against it till I saw what states they were from. My conservative friends are dancing in the streets, my liberal ones are weeping. I'm somewhere in the middle just shaking my head.

Anonymous said...

I do find it quite strange that some people appear to feel they'll be 'diminished' as human beings if they don't have enought ammuntion to wipe out a small city in the house - and really quite frightening that the NRA can usurp democracy in this way.

Eliza said...

Being on facebook rather a lot, I've seen posts from some people that are most definitely for guns...most of whom have been unfriended I have to say...I just don't get why it would be so bad to have more control over the weapons that cause so much suffering.

Yes, I know there would probably be a rise in the amount of illegal guns, but we have that here too..and gun crime is still relatively unusual as far as I'm aware anyway

Tess said...

This is the way America is. There's a tragedy like Sandy Hook, or Aurora, of Columbine, we all ring our hands for awhile and say we need to make change, and then it never happens. The new bill that was being proposed was a joke...I'm all for back ground checks (I had to have one when I bought my gun) but the Sandy Hook shooter got his guns from his mother. They were bought legally. I do believe in the right to own a gun. But I Do Not Believe that the citizens should have more fire power than the police, and we certainly don't need military style weapons.

Unless the Founding Fathers can come back from the dead and revoke the second amendment...Nothing is going to change.

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