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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Tale of Two PMs

One Prime Minister built up post-war Britain as a home for heroes. The other dismantled as much as she could so as to enrich the rich still further.

Which one deserved a ceremonial funeral? Not the one who got it.

Clement Attlee oversaw the creation of the welfare state and nationalisation of public utilities and some industries.

Thanks to him, Britain prospered. We had publicly owned companies to give us water, electricity and gas, to provide our bus and rail services, to produce steel and build ships, and to dig up coal.

Margaret Thatcher took his legacy apart, giving the profits from OUR services and giving them to shareholders rather than ploughing them back into those services. Now her acolyte Cameron is trying to finish the job that she started by destroying our greatest treasure, the National Health Service.

Attlee wold not have come across well in the TV age. He was not a great orator. He was not a larger-than-life character like Churchill, with whom he served as Deputy Prime Minister during the wartime coalition government. There was a contemporary joke that an empty cab pulled up and Mr Attlee got out.

He was later created an Earl, and his title continues, just, though his grandson, at 57, is still childless. The title will therefore die - just as well, because this treacherous man is a Conservative in the House of Lords.

I would be so proud to have such a distinguished ancestor. John Attlee, hang your head in shame. Think of the good you could have done if you'd followed your in illustious grandfather's footsteps.


JoJo said...

Very sad. They are trying to dismantle your national health? Conservatives here are trying to block the so called Obamacare. All politicians, everywhere, need to be swept out and we have to start over again.

Sandy said...

Just saw Obama respond to the defeat of the billto increase background checks for gun buyers. He was very angry and I don't blame him. Parents of the Conn. children and Gabby Gifford were standing there with him.Right now I feel our own political infrastructure is going to do the USA in. We won't have to wait for anyone else to do it.

Eliza said...

I don't really know much about Atlee, but I am eternally grateful to him for providing help to people who needed it..including members of my family when times were particularly tough

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