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Friday, July 27, 2012

No Apple-ogy

Steve Jobs must be turning in his grave. The company he lovingly set up losing value to rivals day by day. And now I know why.

Several months ago I bought the ebook George Harrison: Living in the Material World. It can do lots of things no ordinary book could do, and it should be wonderful.

Sadly, iTunes have ensured the opposite.

After a few days I was sent notice of an update. But the instructions didn't work. I couldn't even sign  in - it rejected my password, and didn't accept my answer to a verification question. Well of course I'd get that wrong - it was only the birthday I've lived with for 59 years!

The bright spark I was dealing with meanwhile decided that it needed further investigation (nothing was done however) and refunded me the purchase price. I never requested this.

Over that May weekend I managed to get it working, and immediately told the clever boy so. He never mentioned any consequences of my having received his "goodwill" refund, such as I no longer owned the book, even though I had never asked for my money back.

So when another update notice was sent to me (why, if I no longer owned the book?) I tried to download it - and completely lost the book.

I have been in contact with iTunes - via the old case number, as they failed to answer my query on their website. It is, of course, all my fault, and I shouldn't expect to do anything more than give them my money again to get the book back. After all, I requested the refund, didn't I? Complaint closed by those it is against, not by the person making it.

I've often been tempted to buy a Mac. I've thought of getting a newer iPad.

No chance. They'll never steal from me again.


judith said...

At the moment my internet is not working well at all..I'm blaming the olympics....It can't possibly be my fault..LOL

JoJo said...

Sorry to hear that! :( I never did get a Mac despite everyone telling me I should. There's no such thing as customer service anymore.

judith said...

That's true JoJo..The insurance we pay Currys..PC. World is'nt worth the paper it's written on..For us it was miss-sold...

Eliza said...

My brother won't hear a word said against Apple...but he worked for them for years..

I have played with his stuff occasionally, but I prefer my Windows laptop..I sort of know what I'm doing with it :)

I just got given(as in I picked what I wanted) a tablet as an early birthday present from the I-pad was out of our range, but I think we found a good alternative

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