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Friday, July 27, 2012

Folie a Deux - Day 11

Poor Lynn's swansong. Same in Endgame with Roy Scheider. I don't think I could survive working so closely with him either!


JoJo said...

VDO sure has gotten to perform with some legendary actors and actresses!

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible not being able to remember the actor's name (Charles something?) and he'll always be 'Rich', David Addison's brother in 'Moonlighting' to me anyway, but the guy Bobby danced with is also no longer with us....

val said...

Oh, no, he was meant to have terminal prostate cancer in the episode. Lynn's character was dying. We all know about Scheider's character's end. Life imitating art?

Eliza said...

Charles Rocket..and his LOCI appearance was his last work too..which I only know because I just looked it up :)

They did attract some wonderful actors over the seasons

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