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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Only Fools and Chandeliers

Over on The Valentine Cat Diane made a reference to a British comedy character, Del Boy, who was played by the inimitable David Jason for more than 20 years.

Although the comment she referred to isn't obvious anywhere on YouTube, some of the most famous - and funniest - moments are there. In this very early one, Del Boy and his brother Rodney have been hired to take down a chandelier in a stately home:


judith said...

I loved this..

vikeau said...

I used the "a good vet" comment at work today. Soda from the nose reaction. My job is done. Thanks.

Eliza said...

I loved Only Fools and Horses..I think the interaction between David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst was wonderful. It was one of those comedies we could all watch together, and Gareth is still a fan too..he even has a remote control Trotter van :)

val said...

Eliza, I once saw a Del Boy lookalike driving a Reliant Robin with all the markings round in Bromley!

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