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Friday, May 18, 2012

Back in Black

Men in Black has been on TV several times over the last couple of weeks, and is actually on two separate channels this coming week.

In the Radio Times for next week, and I'm sure nothing to do with the new film coming out, veteran film critic Barry Norman chose it as his film of the week. This is a bit of what he said:

The film relies heavily, of course, on special effects but, just for once, the effects are there to serve the story rather than the other way round.

He probably doesn't know that Vincent almost spoiled all that for the other actors and the FX crew by actually doing himself much of the stuff they'd anticipated being done by special effects!
Here's a bit of what he says about Vincent's performance:

He goes lurching off, zombie-like and barely in control of his human shape...

Which short-changes Vincent a bit, but is much closer to his believable struggle to fit inside his skin than one ever finds said about the performance of the Master.


Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, I had to write the phrase 'Bug on ward' at work today. For some reason, I immediately had visions of Edgar!!!

Eliza said...

I read the piece in the RT too..I was just impressed that he actually got a mention for once...I think I've got used to not seeing his name in connection with MiB

JoJo said...

Yeah he was brilliant in this role. In all his roles, but this one was very amusing.

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