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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mini Miniature

I imagine most people have seen pictures of very old wooden dolls. They tend to have hands and feet that are broken off or worn away, and rubbed or missing noses.

Well, today at the dolls' house fair I snagged a delightful Georgian-style doll - not a dolls' house doll, but a dolls' house doll's doll, less than two inches high, dressed beautifully in retrieved and recycled old fabric and lace.

The maker, unusually, is a man - and a black man at that, something rare in dolls' house circles. He takes immense pride in his teeny creations, which include teddies and other toys as small as pipe cleaners.

Here's my little treasure:


Eliza said...

Looks wonderful...I envy people who can work so small, I can barely get thread through a needle :)

judith said...


Ruby said...

Just beautiful, Val! What a find!

Sandy said...

Looks very delicate!

val said...

Eliza, funny you should say that. There was a stall selling little needle-threading machines, one for hand sewing, one for machines. I can let you have her details if you do much sewing and want to get one.

JoJo said...

Beautiful!!! How was the rest of the fair? Did you buy anything else?

val said...

Oh yes - mini books, a goldfish bowl with a kittie pushing it over, a bowl of salad, and a round table with inlay pattern.

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