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Monday, May 14, 2012

Turner Inspired by Claude

My favourite artist in the whole world ever is Turner. He was so far ahead of his time, even the Impressionists didn't match his powers of representation, in my opinion. But his first inspiration was the 17th century French artist Claude, to the extent that one of the conditions of his legacy (he left a vast collection of his works to the nation) was that four specified pictures - two of his and two of Claude's - be hung side by side in the then National Gallery. This is Claude's Enbarkation of the Queen of Sheba:

Here is Turner's Dido at Carthage:
It was from Claude's example that Turner learnt the effects of placing the sun in the centre of the picture, to increasingly stunning and abstract effect. This is the second exhibiton I've been to in recent years that compared and contrasted the works of Turner and those he inspired as well as those he was inspired by. His pictures are always head and shoulders above the others.


JoJo said... in Monet? Or is that the last name of another artist?

val said...

Money was after Turner, JoJo. Claude is the artist's surname, the only name he's known by, and he was painting in the 1600s.

val said...

Oh look how the iPad has autocorrected Monet to money!

Eliza said...

They're both wonderful..but today I prefer the calmer colours of the Claude..tomorrow it will probably be different :)

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