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Monday, March 26, 2012

Untethered - Day 9

Thinks: "Where did this brick come from?"


Bev said...

He bought it off the street dweller who was threatening passers by with it. Do I win a prize?

JoJo said...

So clever of him to give that crazy homeless man money for the brick. I actually learned something from that. If I ever see that happening on the street, I will do the same thing.

vikeau said...

As I said earlier, why would one have to pay for a brick? But then again maybe I should start walking around NYC selling bricks.

Eliza said...

I got that it was the one he bought earlier..what puzzled me was why he still had it in his pocket..then I realised he'd gone there with the intention of causing a scene..a definite 'doh' moment..stupid

val said...

Vikeau, I think the point was that the man was homeless and probably schizophrenic, and nice, kind, understanding Bobby found a way to neutralise the threat his "begging" caused AND give the guy some respect and some money.

vikeau said...

val I think I had one of those moments of reality clouding my judgement because every time I see the episode--I think, "Dude's buying a brick." LOL Although the look on his face in the cap looks like he's surprised to find that he has a brick, somehow that just tickles me pink.

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