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Monday, March 26, 2012

Reverse Robin Hood

You have to hand it to our wonderful Government - they insist we are "all in this together" (ie. the recession) in spite of evidence to the contrary - and only evidence to the contary.

Last week our 12-year-old Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced a tremendously fair budget, in which the highest tax rate was reduced, giving a bonus to high earners (like himself and his fellow cabinet members), but froze the additional allowance to pensioners with a view to phasing it out.

It's true that he is increasing personal tax allowances next year, but the intermediate tax rate, which kicks in at a surprisingly small income, will be paid on an even smaller income.

Public servants such as social workers, teachers, nurses, doctors, etc, are going to have to retire later. We must pay more for a smaller pension for when we do manage to get old and decrepit enough to retire, and when we get there, we have to pay more tax on it.

Meanwhile, the rich can pay a quarter of a million pounds to influence policy and have a private dinner with our Prime Minister (which the tax payer will pay for).

Before they were elected, this bunch said they would be the "greenest government ever", and they proved this in the budget by giving huge sums to the oil and gas industries, while freezing funding for renewables.

They didn't have any policy on destroying or privatising the National Health Service either, but they've gone ahead with doing so despite huge protests from the public and from health professionals. After all, what do we know?

How do you know a politician is lying? He's speaking.


bobbybegood1 said...

LOL! Excuse me, but where have I heard this bull**** before? Sounds like here in the USA. Cheers!!

JoJo said...

You basically described the same situations here. I am so screwed upon retirement. SO screwed. My meager retirement savings is aaallll gone. I had to give Brian half, and liquidated the rest to live on last year. And I'm still not working, and no idea when I will go back.

vikeau said...

val do I detect a note of sacasism?I'm not accountant but simple math tells me that the more you earn the more tax one should pay. It never ceases to amaze me that people actually fall for this line of bull that cutting taxes for the rich creates more jobs. Yeah being their maids, chauffuers and gardeners. Not my idea of meaningful job creation.

Eliza said...

I didn't vote for them..and I shall be glad when they're gone.But..whoever we get, they always seem to find a way of screwing things up.

judith said...

I agree with Eliza on this one.

mauigirl said...

Ughhh, it is the same here in the States! And, not only that, but if you're a female, some lawmakers would like to see us basically have the same rights as a dog. Pieces of shit with miniscule non-functioning dicks. Can you tell I'm a tad annoyed?

val said...

No, Maui, really?!

ann said...

I must say I am totally disheartened by it all and really wouldn't know who to vote for in the future.
There is not one statesman amongst the lot of them, nor any one who is genuine and cares.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what 'colour' Government we have, they'll either bankrupt us (except the last lot we had already did that) or milk us until the pips squeak... Would the last one out of the UK please turn off the windmill - or pay the 'fine' for it not working.

val said...

You've hit the nail on the head, Ann - there are no more statesmen (or women). Last one I can think of is Denis Healey. Bring back Barbara Castle, I say, she would have been a wonderful PM. I still remember her broadcast when she announced the State Earnings Related Pesnion Sheme - "We're going to do away with poverty in old age". If on;y they'd let her succeed.

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