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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Untethered - Day 12

How strong do you have to be to resist a truth serum?


Anonymous said...

His army training must have kicked in; I still hate this scene... *wimpers*

Tess said...

I want to kiss his neck!

Sandy said...

Tess, you can take the neck, I'll take the mouth!

Ruby said...

Wonderful episode!

vikeau said...

Okay, Tess has the neck, Sandy has the mouth--can I have the rest?

JoJo said...

:( How did he not get an Emmy for this performance?

mauigirl said...

This was another brilliantly acted scene by our guy. Very difficult to watch, but compelling none the less.
As far as Emmy noms/awards -

Bitch! What was they thinkin'!!
(I'm sorry, but the 'you was' thing is stuck in my head and I'll be using it as much as possible. I just love it.)

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