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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Untethered - Day 3

There's those hands again.

Would someone help me understand why Frank would have kept their mother's ring and not sold it to get dope? He missed the funeral after all, so it wasn't for sentimental reasons.


Anonymous said...

Another conundrum!

Eliza said...

Maybe Bobby got to him before he had the chance to sell it?? As you say, it wasn't for sentimental reasons, so it's the only reason I can think of, as unsatisfactory as it is

vikeau said...

Maybe, just maybe it was during one of his periods of sobriety. More than likely he pawned the ring and was able to get it back only to pawn it again.

JoJo said...

that surprised me too. Junkies and gambling addicts don't know the meaning of sentimentality...they'll steal and sell anything they can.

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