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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Anyone in the UK with a branch of The Works near them who doesn't yet have Fires Within can get a reall bargain - it's on sale there for just £2.99 (2 for £5 if they have another film you fancy).


Bev said...

Oh wow. My copy decided to quit on me. So I'm now without. Fires Within isn't that easy to come by in the stores. Just picked up a old VHS copy of Mystic Pizza with the original cover art last night. Like a kid in a candy store I was. :)

Eliza said...

I have it anyway, on video and dvd..but it's always good to have a spare so I shall have to make a visit on Thursday when I'm in Oxford :D

vikeau said...

Those ever so slightly parted lips, yumm.

JoJo said...

Great deal!

Ruby said...

It IS a great deal! It never hurts to have a backup copy of this one!!

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