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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Untethered - Day 1

Wonder what Bobby did with that brick between buying it off the homeless guy and using it to smash the car showroom window? Why would he even keep it when he had no idea he'd have a use for it?


JoJo said...

I just assumed it was that same night that he smashed the window so it was still with him.

vikeau said...

I always wondered why he had to buy a brick.

mauigirl said...

I was thinking it was a different brick, and that the idea to use it came from the homeless guy he bought tthe original one from.

val said...

JoJo, he bought the brick right at the beginning, and he wasn't going to work - wasn't in his suit. However, it would have worked as a "taster" for what would happen later on, as he was wearing the same clothes, but the showrunners were too stipid to work out that several days went by in between, with meeting Frank, bringing Donny down etc. Like so much that they did, on examination it made no sense at all.

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