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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Importance of Being Furry

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten to give you the latest lion cub update.

With a 2-hour wait to get as far as to buy a ticket for the Hockney exhibition yesterday, my friend and I voted with our feet and went to check up on the girls:

Dad's scruffy mane is just visible behind them.

Meanwhile, little Mitzi has taken a shine to the toaster as a place to, well get toasty on chilly mornings. Or warm ones.

Fur on toast, anyone?


JoJo said...

The cubs have gotten so big!!!

I saw a cute LOLCat the other day with a caption that's purrfect for Mitzi, "If not made for sits, why iz it made of warm?"

vikeau said...

The cubs are barely cubs these days but just as adorable as ever. Funny my downstairs neighbor's name is Mitzi, I wonder if she sits on her toaster.

Ruby said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous kitties, all!! Thanks for sharing, Val! Vikeau: hahahahahaha!!

Sandy said...

Vikeau....Maybe if she is a "little" person!!

Ducky said...

You brought a bit of tears to our household today, Val. We had a cat that looked exactly like your Mitzi who was the love of my youngest daughter's life. Our cat's name was Mitzy. She ran away about 7 years ago. Was a very sad day for her. I'm glad there's another Mitzi out there who is loved by you. She's in good hands, my friend. <3

val said...

Ducky, I hope your Mitzy found a nice new home. Mitzi was found by rescue people with little kittens, not even a year old herself. I took her on with one of her babies. Mitzii remained tiny but her daughter is HUGE!

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