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Sunday, March 13, 2011

What were they thinking?

When I was growing up, Japan was understandably opposed to all things nuclear. After all, they were (still are) the only country on the planet to have experienced the effects of nuclear warfare.

So, given that Japan is on one of the hottest tectonic hotspots on the planet, how could they have been so reckless as to have built so many nuclear power stations?

I have less sympathy for Japan than I would have were they not disobeying international law on whale hunting "for scientific reasons - so what if it ends up on our plates?" Now I discover they are prepared to lay waste their own country by default.

Time for a rethink - for all nations.


JoJo said...

Think how we feel on the west coast USA, waiting to be contaminated when it blows across the Pacific.

Miex said...

This is terrible. Sad but true: you're gonna reap just what you sow

potzina said...

They were thinking about money. Governments always think about money. They don't care about people or our planet.

val said...

It's a nightmare, JoJo. Some of our grassland is still contaminating grazing animals because of Chernobyl.

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