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Friday, March 18, 2011


There's a teatime quiz on TV over here where they ask 100 people to give as many answers to questions as they can in 100 seconds. For example, they might ask them to name European capital cities, or champion tennis players. Anything. The winners are the people who guess the answers that the fewest people thought of, preferably no one at all. Then you have a "Pointless" answer, and in earlier rounds you put an extra £250 in the prize fund, then in the final you need a pointless answer to win.

Today the prize fund was £10,000. The finalists had to choose a category from a selection of three. They chose American actresses. It turned out to be about Cameron Diaz.

They had to name three films of hers (and luckily they did know a few) and hope that one would be Pointless.

I yelled at the screen, but they didn't listen! They didn't win. I would have! Feeling Minnesota was a Pointless answer!


JoJo said...

As a longtime fan of Keanu Reeves and a fan of Vincent's, I very much enjoyed this movie. However, Cameron Diaz leaves much to be desired.

Eliza said...

As this is about the only movie I know she's in, I might have been ok :-)

Anonymous said...

I always feel a little 'buzz' when anything even remotely connected with Vincent unexpectedly turns up. Not sure I'd be able to name more than 2 things she was in tho'!

Tess said...

Not a big Cameron fan...I've always thought she's overrated.

Love the blue tux :)

Ruby said...

Vincent was hilarious in this movie! Cameron does have a really nice smile, I think. Too bad you couldn't have been playing for real, Val! I'm sure that prize money would have come in handy!

potzina said...

I only watched 2 movies with her : Feeling Minnesota & The Mask. That's enough.
I love your caps but I miss his fantastic pajamas ;)

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