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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'd like to keep THIS Brother!

Ah, the famous album that uploaded completely randomly.
But every picture a winner.


JoJo said...

Well the photos may be out of order but the content is still mighty fine!!!

Ruby said...

Just beautiful, Val! I've noticed he had a boo-boo on his lower lip in this episode. Anyone know what that was about? (Poor baby!)

Anonymous said...

I always felt it was quite fortunate that Bobby's mother and brother 'expired' or I'd've happily smothered BOTH of them myself!!!

Poor Vincent did have a really nasty split lip for some of this episode. Unfortunately, it wasn't due to the amount of time I'd spent kissing him ;0)

mauigirl said...

Luscious pix, I'll take them in any order they come.
I also noticed the bottom lip boo-boo. Bitten by a Vixen during, uhhhh, mmmm, well, you-know-what?
Also, he looked like he had a bit of a cold in some parts of the epi.

potzina said...

I noticed his tongue but no boo-boo ;)

val said...

Sorry, folks, I think that's a coldsore which = herpes! So no kisses or "oral pleasure" 'cos it's very contagious.

sixtwosue said...

I'd be happy to take my chances, Val. ;)

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