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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Snow It Goes

Except it doesn't look as if it's going any time soon.

This is my poor car.

Even poorer little birdies on the feeders.
The feeders are on my washing line, which was chewed into pieces overnight,
and the pieces scattered, along with the feeders, probably by foxes.
I don't have many more feeders to lose, so I've taken them in overnight, and put out some catfood for the unfortunate foxes. (Don't tell the neighbours.)

And what about my extremely poor little girlies? They don't know what's hit them.
I wish I could take them indoors.


Anonymous said...

It's quite embarrassing how crap we are at dealing with the weather when, as an island, we get so much of it!

JoJo said...

So your region is shut down just like ours was last week! It's amazing how everything comes to a grinding halt when it snows in places that don't get snow that often! I hope that your little chickie girls are OK!!!

Anonymous said...

All we've had in the Great White North is a few flurries. It's been quite cold though

mauigirl said...

When it snows here (every 10 years or so), they declare a state of emergency. Actually, people here don't even know what to do in the rain.
I hope your chicks are OK, sweet darlings. Can you get them central heat, maybe a rug, fire place, hot cocoa?

Tess said...

And it's not even Winter yet!

sixtwosue said...

I think my plow guy is sort of hot, so I'm a little jealous of your snow. However, he does cost money every time he comes around ... so maybe not.

SnarkAngel said...

Hope your girls aren't TOO freaked out!

potzina said...

Your poor car looks like my poor car! I don't like snow, that's too cold and wet. My car is a sleigh and I'm terrified!

val said...

Maui, if only I could...

jazzy said...

We did we get a lot of snow too. The last time that I have seen this much snow was in ...... can't even remember.
I hope your cute girlies are okay!

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