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Friday, December 03, 2010

It seems like Yesterday

Bobby at his cleverest. Also his most camp. I was convinced in the early episodes that he was gay. As if it would make any difference to me in the real world, only in my dreams.


JoJo said...

OH MY GOD!!! That last 3 pictures are to DIE for Val!!!!! Those beautiful eyes!

potzina said...

Val, I love you. :D

Ducky said...

Never thought he was gay, just absolutely beautiful and too good to be true. He still is.

mauigirl said...


Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' all of these Val. I started to pick a favorite but ran out of fingers.

Jean said...

I refuse to be attracted to gay men, it's so unstable for a straight female. therefore, Bobby can't ever be gay. It would ruin the show for me cause my love for the show is solely based on my attraction to him. :) feel free to discuss. have a great weekend, ladies!

Anonymous said...

I may have thought he was a little 'strange' in the beginning, but 'gay' never crossed what's left of my mind.

I'm hoping for blue shirts/open necks/gray suits/curls and MAGNIFICENT writing for Season 10 :0)

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