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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Felon in a Frock

Could you really put enough ant poison in a glass of lemonade to kill someone without their noticing it?

Well, if I was with Bobby, I doubt I'd notice anything. But I wouldn't be eating or drinking anything either!


Jean said...

look at that sweet face, enough to warm me on the coldest day, thanks, Val!

JoJo said...

Gorgeous caps, but really weird episode. The male perp was so utterly creepy. The relationship w/ his sister was so odd. I've seen that actor playing a defense attorney on LO:SVU.

mauigirl said...

I really like this epi, love BG's compassion at the end - the definitive BobbyGoren. Although it's taken me many years to understand this episode as every time I'd watch it I'd become distracted by Vincent's beautiful face. Not to mention other beautiful things of his.
Lovely Caps, Val!

Anonymous said...


potzina said...

The third cap is perfect! Yummy!

Ruby said...

HOW did that redhead stay conscious and not faint dead away????

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