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Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's Official!

I'm crazy.

My girlies are so kind as to provide me with the fruit of their rear ends, and to reward them for their selflessness, I feed them the huge quantities of green stuff they demand every time I go into the garden. It takes a lot of storage if you cannot get to the shops every day. (And costs a lot more than the price of a dozen eggs...)

My current fridge-freezer is just not big enough. But it slots into a rather narrow space between a fitted cupboard and a chimney breast. The appliance is just 21.5" wide, with a small gap on either side.

I measured up carefully (OK, not very carefully, not realising how close to my maximum all the new machines would be) and went off to choose a new one.

I chose something like this:

Only dearer, of course. No rubbish for my egg-providers. They save me pennies a week! So I went for the super-duper stainless steel frost-free self-defrosting version with water dispenser for just £699!

This is where it would have been better if my measurements had been of pinpoint accuracy. The fridge is 59.5cm wide, and no matter how many ways I measure it, the gap is at its maximum (this is an old house, no walls are completely straight) just 59.4cm.

There is a little bit of skirting board that might be removed to widen the gap, but here is the $64,000 question.

Will the delivery men wrench in off for me if that will make the f-f fit? And if they do, will the gap be wide enough all the way up?

Watch this space tomorrow for the latest rivetting news.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I've never seen such a skinny refrigerator before, that's pretty cool (no pun intended). The guys should be able to accommodate your space issue; hopefully! That's a real beauty, Val! Good for you!

val said...

It's pretty standard in this country, Nantz. So many old houses with limited space, these are ideal, though you can buy "American-style" ones if you have the space.

JoJo said...

That is the narrowest fridge I've ever seen! Wow! But yeah, a lot of British homes are so old and tiny, so I can see why you'd need space savers.

Just think of the possibilities of all the Vincent themed fridge magnets you can now make and decorate the front with. ;p

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the stainless steel. I hope the delivery guys can help you out. I always find if you give a little wink and a smile, and maybe wear one of your shorter skirts tomorrow, that will go a long way.

Ruby said...

Good luck, Val! I knew you liked a tight squeeze, but this is ridiculous (doing my Groucho Marx impression, LOL)! Make sure there is enough room for the doors to actually open; we've misjudged that before. And remember magnets, alas, will not work on stainless steel. (You may have to invest in a glue stick!) But then, nothing is too good for your pretty little girls!

DrowseyMonkey said...

That's the skinniest fridge I've ever seen! But I now see by the other comments that's what everyone thinks, lol.

More importantly, are you telling me you have chickens?

SnarkAngel said...

If you DO manage to get this new fridge to fit (and I certainly hope you do!), we want pictures!!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

We had a new timer or something) fitted for the central heating near the boiler in a cupboard upstairs. The workman involved proudly held open said cupboard door while we inspected the work, we paid him, and he left. It wasn't until we went to try and CLOSE the door that we realised we couldn't because he'd fitted the new thingy too close to the door frame....

All I can say is Good luck dear!

potzina said...

We're talking about a fridge! It's crazy! I love you, my V-Friends! :D

Eliza said...

Good Luck with getting it to fit!!

I'm envious anyway, having boring old white appliances everywhere :-p

SnarkAngel said...

Eliza, I'll bet if Val tries REALLY HARD, she can get that tall, sleek, sexy fridge to FIT! You have to ease it in gently, a centimeter at a time ... perhaps some kind of lubricant would help. You see ladies, now I KNOW why we're talking about this fridge!

jazzy said...

Now I get the meaning of 'tight fit'.

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