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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bastard Luck

Do things really come in Threes?

On Sunday, my neighbour trod on her glasses, breaking them. She thought nothing of it.

Yesterday her hand was crushed on the bus when the driver braked suddenly, and her shopping trolley moved, trapping her hand between the handle and a rail. She spent 3 hours at the hospital.

Today a delivery van (Tesco's for those who know them) reversed into her front wall. He didn't even bother to stop and ring the doorbell. Unluckily for him, the neighbour on the other side saw it all. And being a lawyer, he's a great witness to have. But still she has a broken wall and all the hassle of putting in a claim and getting it repaired.

She never did a single bit of harm to anyone. She has been a great neighbour for 33 years.

If there is a god, he'd better keep clear of me.


Eliza said...

I know how she feels and extend her my sympathies...

Yesterday I spent the morning getting my head lanced because the surgery site had become infected...on a mega dose of antibiotics now

That thing on my eyelid popped this afternoon..which was disgusting and although it's gone down a bit it's still there

To top it all I get to go for my smear test tomorrow....and before this I hadn't been to the doctors in months :-(

Hope your neighbour gets a run of exceedingly good luck now, sounds like she deserves it

SnarkAngel said...

Wishing both your neighbor and Eliza a much-deserved, extended run of good luck!

Anonymous said...

Has she walked under any black cats recently?!

JoJo said...

Aw that sucks! Poor lady!

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