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Thursday, November 12, 2009



My Sky+ box won't switch on. The idiot at Sky took me through the procedure that should have put it right, ending up with resetting it and thereby WIPING OUT ALL MY VINCENT BITS. It did not work.

I was waiting to find time to put ITWSH together on dvd as one episode. I was going to finalise my Channel 5 season 6 recordings. All these are lost.

At this moment I should be watching Rocketman.

And of course tonight I was going to record the next Season 8 episode.

I tried to remote programme it to see if it would just switch on to record. Nada.

I have Sky Player, but it only shows programmes on Sky-owned channels ie. NOT Hallmark. At the moment I can't even make it show me Sky 1 live, so I may also miss Bones later.

And when will they come to fix it?


Fucking bastard shitarsed c**ts.


JoJo said...

SON OF A BITCH!!!! >:( OMG that is just awful Val. I'm so sorry you lost all those recordings. This is why I don't like the DVR. Ours got wiped out too; I lost an entire season of LOCI (Bobby eps only) when that happened. I think it was the one when his mom died, and his brother showed up and then the whole Brady thing.....I was so effing PISSED! I hope they get it sorted out SOON!!!!!!

judith said...

HORRID,HORRID. I am so sorry.x Something like that happened to me the other day and I just cried. Even husband for once was very understanding about it.Sending Hugs and Love.x

Eliza said...

Every time I think I'd like to get Sky again something happens to convince me I'm ok without it.

I'm so sorry you lost your stuff..if there is anything I can do to help, let me know? Mind you, as I can't help with UK editions of things I may not be able to do much

ann said...

i'm always having probs too - something to do with the power and half my progs either don't record or fail completely or are part recorded - i've had one of their £65 callouts but it didn't really help - when my son called and said we expect better for £40 a month and we may cancel, they said they'd put us through to their cancellation dept - then cut us off!

i usually unplug, wait and pray and eventually the power comes back

hope it gets sorted real quick

SnarkAngel said...

Val, you have my sincerest sympathies. I wouldn't have the patience. I'd be telling them to come take it away ... forever ... with a few choice words, of course. Sending big, supportive hugs ...

mauigirl said...

Ughhhh! I'm sorry for your troubles, Val. Something similar but not nearly as bad happened while I was in NYC. Hubs switched DVRs in family room and bedroom, cause he thought the one in fam room wasn't working as well. And I had all my VDO flicks TiVo'd on the bedroom DVR, not family room one. So, lost them all. And of COURSE! all the LOCI's TiVo'd on fam room DVR were LOST. AGHHHHHHHH
I'm in Hell!

Anonymous said...

Sympathies! I'd be pulling bricks out of the walls if that happened to me! Every time you have a problem like this - and if memory serves, it's not the first time - I remind myself NOT to 'weaken' and give up my current box for a Sky+ one! I record from the satellite box straight onto DVD, just because I don't trust doing it any other way.

val said...

Ann, unfortunately I'd done the unplugging thing repeatedly before I ever phoned them up. I've also done it dozens of times since. For one brief second after I removed the card and put it back, the thing came on, only to bugger up again within seconds and disappear into the off position.

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