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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Object of Desire

Those of you who are familiar with our Wendy (Portia da Costa) and her naughty novels with Vincent-inspired heroes, will remember that a year or two ago she published a download only short story online, about a young woman lusting after her older neighbour who was a dead ringer for our man. Of course, I bought it for a bargain £1.49 and read it with much enjoyment and happy feelings down below. But it was on that awful Toshiba computer that had to be remastered almost as soon as I'd bought it, and the story was lost.

Thanks to Wendy reminding me of the title and the link I have got "Object of Desire" back, safely saved on a more reliable computer and a pen drive.

If you don't have the story, it's still available here:

And if you've never read Entertaining Mr Stone or Suite 17, you are missing some wonderful fantasy fodder.

Wendy's blog is here:

Happy dreaming.


Labs_n_SD said...

Entertaining Mr. Stone ... yes indeed! And don't forget Watching the Detective :-)

There should be a list of which of her books are mandatory Vixen reading materials.

ann said...

i could never forget - wendy is wonderful

SnarkAngel said...

So glad you got your story back, Val! And Wendy is a dear.

fuzzytweetie said...

how many stories are there?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was me, typing gibberish (as usual)

With Vincent-related themes, there are just 2 in published book format, Fuzzy (I think); 'Entertaining Mr Stone' and 'Suite 17'. I just LOVE the dedication at the beginning of 'Mr Stone' when Wendy refers to 'The Magnificent Vincent' - because indeed he is :0)

val said...

There was also a Mr Stone story in a book called Sex On The Move. Ah me, the wonders of Vincent the sex god.

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