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Monday, November 09, 2009

Scared Crazy

After I got a Vista computer, and so much was done on right-click rather than just menus, I made quite a few mistakes when renaming the pictures in albums. These are an example of my muddle. But if you ignore the sequence, you just get a bunch of lovely Bobby pictures.


ann said...

i wasn't that fond of this one, but bless him, bobby bobby never fails to deliver the goods

ann said...

p.s. oh and neither do you :>)

Anonymous said...

Nice close ups of the hands!

JoJo said...


jazzy said...

Renaming pix with Vista is a pain, indeed.

He has the utterly sexy "POI look" in cap #6

SnarkAngel said...

Hate Vista. Still use XP. Love the Bobby caps!

Eliza said...

Doesn't matter which way they're ordered, they're all great. I do have a special fondness for the hand shots though :-)

Renaming pictures...try downloading irfanview(a freebie). It will batch rename a whole folder of pics and it lets you sort them XP style first.I can't remember how I first found it but I use it for all my caps now

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