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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Playing Dead

So here we have the half-recovered Det. Goren at the beginning of the run, who regresses and progresses at the will of the schedulers.

Love this sequence:


JoJo said...

Lovely hand shots!!!!!!

ann said...

mmmmmmm... nice :>)

i'm still excited about the radio show - gosh if i laughed so hard at that i reckon if i was at the real thing tonite i'd be wetting myself - in more ways than one;>)

Eliza said...

I like that bit with the gun too...and not just because he's handling a weapon, but because of those thighs :-)

SnarkAngel said...

Those big, beefy hands!!! YUMMY! And he can regress or progress ... all over me ... any time he pleases.

PurpleVixen7 said...

That is one BIG..I mean HUGE GUN..I mean the one in Bobby's hands..mmm..mmm!!;)))

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