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Friday, October 30, 2009

My Knee

I am REALLY pissed off. Last week I warned my neighbour to be careful of a dangerous stretch of pavement (sidewalk) on the way from our houses to the shops. Today I went flying when my foot twisted in the dip.

The lump on my knee is like one of those eggs you usually get on a bumped head.

I will sue.


guiding light81 said...

poor dear,this looks awful!
Get some coolpacks,something for your knee to cream on and stay in bed!But don't forget to move your leg from time to time,otherwise you will get a stiff knee sooner than you thought!
(Just my advice as a nurse!)
Oh and the best medicine of them all:
VINCENT of course,the more the better!Actually the less clothes,the better!*smile*

judith said...

You sue Val.Surely there's money to mend these pavements. They have money for duck-houses!
By the way your blog has started to take ages to load and the comments bit too.x

Eliza said...

Go for it Val!!

I'm not a big fan of suing because of accidents, but where the councils are concerned, legal action seems to make them pull their fingers out and actually do what we pay for

ann said...


i do think you probably have a case
but whatever you do, don't go overdoing it

SnarkAngel said...

Have you been to a doctor?!

Frances said...

Sorry to here about your slip and fall. Hope the swelling goes down soon.

Take care.

mare said...

Ouch that looks sore! But litigation worthy? Really? will it not mend?

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that looks awful. As far as suing, what it there's something really wrong like a torn ligament or something? You need to go to a doctor and get it all documented. You're not having a very good last few months, are you? I hope you are on the mend soon.

VivB said...

Awwwww! Val, that looks painful. Hope it doesn't take too long to heal.

val said...

Snarkangel, I haven't even been to the doctor's yet to get the results of my blood test from August!

Mare (and you sound a right one) it's up to the local authorities to use the money we pay them to keep the pavements in good order, and any injuries sustained are down to them. Just yards from the offending pavement is the school that the Council wants to close, demolish and rebuild, but are not allowed to, but they have spent about a quarter of a million pounds bussing kids out while they first used our money to try and get the legal position reversed, and then put back the kitchen they should never have ripped out. That money could have been used on so many more important things - like maintaining the highways - rather than thrown down the drain, not to mention apy the mayor his ridiculous salary.

mare said...

I'm not sure what 'and you sound a right one' means but I'll allow that it's not intended to be a compliment. Litigation is just not something most Canadians would quickly consider (not that I think you are a Canadian - but I am - so please don't take additional offense). We'd go to the doctor and ensure that the doctor were aware of the circumstances and if this proved later to have complications or be a life-altering issue then we would have the background filed for compensation.

I'm sorry you were offended by my comment.

Anonymous said...

Sympathies to your knee. I once took a 'header' in the car park at work. Tore a great lump out of my knee, but I was far more concerned that no one had seen me fall flat on my face. How embarrassing would THAT have been?! Hope you're fully repaired and restored soon.

val said...

If you don't wish to be taken the "wrong way", Mare, amy I suggest that you actually have a Blogger profile (otherwise you seem like a troll) and don't make critical comments of a blog owner the first time you visit.

I have no problem with being mistaken for a Canadian. I have dozens of lovely cousins in Canada.

Music Wench said...

OMG, that looks painful! I hope you do sue. It's the only thing that will probably get someone's attention. They don't care until it affects them so go for it and good luck!

jazzy said...

How are you doing today?
Get well, soon!

ann said...

has the bump gone down yet?

JoJo said...


It certainly would be worth filing a claim w/ the City of London (if that is the process over there. Here in the states you have to file a claim w/ the City first, before litigation is commenced). First thing you need to do is take photos of where you fell too. And you'll HAVE to see the doctor to get your injuries on record. I'd say contact a Personal Injury lawyer (you guys call them barristers I think?) and consult w/ him or her to see what they think. If for no other reason than to prevent someone else from hurting themselves. You are lucky you didn't end up with a broken wrist or hand too!!

And knowing you, you'd probably give whatever money you received to charity anyway! ;D

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